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Legs N' Dregs New Orleans Brewery Marathon 2021

The Legs n’ Dregs Brewery Marathon is a fun run covering 26.2(ish) miles and 11 breweries in New Orleans. The idea was, predictably, first conceived over a few craft beers. Legs n’ Dregs founders Scott Tomford and Kory Koponen were having a few drinks and talking about running, which happened to be another mutual hobby of theirs. Lamenting that social runs sometimes lacked both a challenging mileage and beer count, the two thought it might be fun to take a crack at mimicking a friend’s recent bike ride through every brewery in the city. While their non-running friends rightfully called them insane, the first few runners to learn of the idea were into it instantly. Recognizing that this could make for a very special day with friends old and new, the Legs n’ Dregs Brewery Marathon began in earnest.