The Rules

  1. First and foremost, this is a fun run. If you’re trying to show off and blow out the competition or get a Boston time, please go elsewhere. We’re going to have fun, crack some jokes, and run in some fast-ish and some slow-ish groups.
  2. You must be over 21 to participate and have ID on hand. This should go without saying, we’re not about breaking the law today. Please verify your age when registration opens and bring your ID to the race, we will check them before the run begins. We’re sure these breweries will be trusting us, so let’s honor that trust. Also, your race founders aren’t into the idea of going to jail.
  3. Don’t be an asshole. Legs n’ Dregs is about the inclusive fun of both running and boozing, but we won’t tolerate anyone being discriminatory or demeaning. Don’t criticize someone for being slow, don’t be a creep towards the women running with us, don’t be a racist, don’t get so blotto you start being a jerk. This should go without saying, but this is an advance warning.
  4. BRING YOUR MASK AND WEAR IT WHEN YOU AREN’T RUNNING OR IMBIBING! We cannot stress how much we are not kidding about this one. We’re taking the health of every runner (and our own health, duh) very seriously, and we have no room for anyone bitching about their “rights,” or loss of freedom, or how it’s annoying. Obey the law, obey our best wishes, and respect the health of your fellow runners and brewers (see rule 3). Hand sanitizer will also be available at every station, and we’re going to enforce that you use it on arrival and departure from each station.
  5. Don’t stray from the pack (see rule 1). Please stay with one of our designated running groups. We can’t be responsible for you otherwise, and this is meant to be a group exercise.
  6. Be nice to brewery employees! They’re about to deal with a group of sweaty, thirsty, and increasingly loopy runners during a pandemic, so treat them with respect and tip ’em nicely.
  7. Speaking of which, race fees and registration comes with a 5 ounce(ish) pour at each brewery. You can buy an extra can to run with, but you’ll have to pay for it yourself. Just remember you’ve probably got a lot of miles to go, even if it looks pretty cool to drink a beer while you’re in the middle of running.
  8. Breaks at each brewery will be 10-15 minutes for both recovery and imbibing. Please don’t make us linger because we’re on a bit of a tight schedule with modified hours during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  9. Race fee will be unveiled closer to the official opening of registration.